blackfrangipani eco-friendly tote featured in press

blackfrangipani Eco-friendly tote feature in press

Hey guys! I have some good news to share: my eco-friendly tote was recently featured in The Straits Times, Singapore’s leading newspaper. I’m so thrilled about it. Soon, I shall be posting the tutorial that comes with the feature. Watch out for it.

blackfrangipani and DaWanda

Hey everybody! I’m happy to let you know that blackfrangipani fashion pieces are now available at DaWanda, an European online marketplace. Over the coming weeks, I shall be adding new designs to my new online shop – Do check it out!!

A good year

2011 was a good year for me. It was challenging as I wanted to get outside my comfort zone – try new things. Along the way were new experiences and lots of learning.

I started selling my fashion pieces online at Boticca with the hope of an international reach. Although my online shop,, has not reached its potential, it complemented nicely with how I usually sell; which is through a private circle of clients.

Setting up this blog was something I thought would be near impossible because I know nothing about coding. But with help from the WordPress community, a lot of learning and hair pulling, I managed to create this blog. I’m quite happy with how it has turned out so far.

But blogging is still challenging to me and my greatest fear is the blank screen.

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